Pivot Investment Partners LLC is an investment firm of CEO-level operating executives who have grown and transformed financial services businesses around the world. We have deep experience in markets where information, technology and scalable processes are critical drivers of success.

We work closely with a select set of high-potential financial services and fintech companies globally, investing our operating expertise and capital in their success and accelerated growth. Each of our investments is tailored to company-specific needs, under-pinned by a shared passion for building distinctive, innovative and customer-centric businesses. Since our inception in January 2014, we have made 20 investments across retail and wholesale finance.

Our primary areas of focus encompass:

  • Payments and Transaction Processing
  • Risk and Compliance Solutions addressing the rising cost and complexity of regulation
  • Alternative Credit, including consumer and small business
  • Wealth Management Platforms for investment advisors and their clients
  • Capital Markets Technology and Infrastructure
  • Insurance Technology